Top 7 for Summer

Ah, yes, summer.  A steady stream of sunny days... and vacation requests.  It's tempting for newsrooms to fall into a bit of a lull, but in fact, these months can give you a chance to accomplish quite a bit.  Our team at SmithGeiger has assembled a Top 7 List of tasks you may want to add to your plans...

  1. Act Like It's May: most importantly, the most effective news organizations never let-on to their audience (or staffers) that one month is more important than other.  Staying consistent and energetic while your competition is taking a break can win you ratings, switchables, and loyalists.
  2. Do a TV Blackout: form a committee, and tell them they can only consume your news product on their digital platforms for an entire 24-hour period.  You might be surprised what you find, or don't.
  3. Experiment: want to try out a new or relatively risky segment idea or showcasing tool?  Now's the time, especially on or around the 4th of July when viewer levels tend to be at their lowest.
  4. Quarter-Hour Focus: look closely at your May demos, find the one quarter-hour (or half-hour) that showed the most softness, and go all-in on a hyper-focused "repair plan."
  5. Plan, Plan, Plan: no reason to wait until August to build your next promo campaign or digital plan.  Start now, test it, tweak it, put a timetable on it.  By the Fall, it'll be fully-baked.
  6. Build the Bench: with lots of vacations, use this opportunity to grow your bench with fill-in anchor and producing opportunities.  Be sure to follow-up with them on how they did.  Watch some shows with them.  Or my goodness, maybe even use this chance to test a new anchor team with your favorite SmithGeiger researcher.
  7. Recharge: we know it's hard to go off the grid, but it's essential to your health and effectiveness, even if for just a couple of days. It also builds initiative, as the newsroom is forced to make their own decisions when "the boss is away."

Do you have a summer idea that's worked well for your team?  Email us at