Covering Hurricane Matthew

With Hurricane Matthew approaching, let's look at how stations are covering the storm both on-air and online. Remember this is an opportunity to connect with your viewers on every platform. Compelling graphics with detailed information are not only highly shareable but also informative. 

Change your social media headers as well as your website banner with on-brand messaging that reflects the severity of the weather situation. Have your meteorologists do the same. 

Facebook Live broadcasts can provide detailed information and engagement if your viewers are without power and can't watch your broadcast product. If your meteorologists can't answer all the questions during a live broadcast, have them answer them in the comments section once the broadcast has concluded.  

These are just a few examples. If you would like to share yours, please email



7-Day Forecasts

Multiple Views of the Storm

School Closures 

Hurricane Matthew Alerts

Watch vs Warning


Branded Facebook Cover Images

Facebook Live Promotional Graphic

Hurrican Matthew Update on Twitter with Impact Graphics

Infographics - highly shareable on social media