Hot Clips: January 2017

Our first batch of Hot Clips in the New Year comes loaded with ideas on how to shake that holiday hangover, and leverage football's most-watched games...

Go Team (WBRC, Birmingham): wrapping-in weather, traffic and talent to get you going day or night

Eye on Everything (KNXV, Phoenix): a Live Desk that's a true working position, complete with cameras, sources, and feeds

Weather Whiplash (WXYZ, Detroit): a First 50 Seconds example loaded with urgency, power words, and overt showcasing

On Scene (KLTV, East Texas): selling their on-scene and a digital-first coverage mentality

Rooting for My Team (WRC, Washington DC): a spot to help stimulate an NFL playoff or Super Bowl promo, especially if your home team is in a big game

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