From media, mobile, and retail to technology, finance and government, our research and insights
build audiences, consumer bases, and shape the world’s most recognized brands.


Increase ratings. Build audiences. Discover new revenue streams. Stay ahead of evolving market trends.

These are just some of the reasons over 100 stations and the majority of US networks partner with SmithGeiger. While others deliver a cursory data dump, we present comprehensive data and clear and actionable recommendations. We are recognized as having the quickest turnaround and most insightful studies in the industry. Our services include:

  • brand tracking and awareness
  • ratings analysis
  • audience segmentation
  • program maintenance and pilot testing
  • talent evaluation
  • multi-screen engagement studies
  • digital and social media tactics and strategy
  • ad assessments – See our Elevate products here
  • new revenue opportunities

Our methodologies include online and mobile surveys, focus groups, digital ethnographies, online dial tests, and our proprietary Moment-2-Moment monitoring.

Clients include: ABC | NBC | CBS | CNBC | Corus Entertainment.



Cord cutters. Skinny bundles. Unprecedented options. Screens everywhere all the time.

Where others see disruption and huddle defensively, we find opportunity and offer research and insights to navigate industry trends and increase acquisition and retention rates. Among other services, we:

  • identify key audience segments
  • define brand filters for specific channels
  • evaluate customer satisfaction
  • develop pricing strategies
  • reveal key trends in viewing habits (all screens)
  • choreograph messaging across social networks
  • assess and develop existing programming
  • evolve original programming (program tests)

As the industry continues to evolve, we will continue to help our clients anticipate trends, create exceptional content, and entertain ever increasing numbers of actively engaged subscribers.

Clients Include: MSNBC | MTV | POP TV | Discovery | Corus Entertainment | BBC | ESPN



Smartphones, smart TV’s, tablets, and Internet television may be reimagining media, but telecoms provide the infrastructure and networks that enable the magic.

We help our clients optimize price and feature sets, target the right audiences with the most compelling packages, and evaluate the customer experience.  We identify awareness and perceptions of their offerings (Interactive TV, IP Video, etc.) and their consumers’ behaviors and preferences.

As the industry continues to evolve, we will continue to help our clients anticipate trends, create exceptional content, and entertain ever increasing numbers of actively engaged subscribers.

Clients include: AT&T | Comcast | Charter

[OTT and streaming]


For the first time in 2018, streaming surpassed linear TV in certain day parts. That is just one data point in a trend that is seeing an accelerated rate of cord cutting and OTT stacking.

As audiences continue to fragment and lines blur between linear and digital viewing (a distinction that has become almost irrelevant to viewers), we offer the research and consulting to help our media clients and content creators develop screen agnostic strategies.

Where others see disruption and react, we help our partners anticipate and lead them to new opportunities.

Clients include: WWE | COX Media | ABC

[digital optimization]


Complex. Multifaceted. Intricate. Overwhelming. Essential.

Optimizing a digital strategy requires a deep understanding of individual platforms, screens and networks, and the expertise to navigate them individually and as a whole.  Facebook, Snap, Twitter, Linked-in, Instagram, YouTube,, and a host of emerging platforms are dramatically different beasts, reaching different people in different ways. 

We understand the complexities of networking across platforms to deliver the most efficient and lucrative interactions. We know the digital landscape has never been more complex, and we share best practices to capitalize on the unprecedented opportunities

Our digital  and social media clients look to us for a host of reasons:

  • choreograph content, messaging and brand awareness across screens and social networks
  • identify new revenue streams
  • quantify  brand awareness and provide insights and recommendations to gain mindshare
  • segment audiences across platforms
  • identify and leverage key influencers

  • reveal how their brands provide lift for their advertisers

  • develop content and content delivery strategies

  • analyze relevant market realities and evaluate the competitive landscape

  • identify opportunities and anticipate market trends and trajectories

Clients include: Pop TV | COX Media | ABC | COX Media



Our news partners consistently become #1 in their markets – all screens and all platforms.

We work with over 100 stations around the US and Canada, and have delivered success to our international partners in regions ranging from Canada, Norway and Australia, to  Malaysia and Indonesia.

Breaking news. Local News. Sports. Weather. Traffic. On-air. Online. No company has a greater depth and breadth of experience at building and retaining news audiences and amplifying brand awareness and loyalty than SmithGeiger.

We work on site and remotely, covering every aspect of programming from content, talent, pacing, and timing to mobile apps and digital optimization.

Clients include: ABC | Corus Entertainment |  Politico |  Today | CNBC | Meet the Press | The Weather Channel




Trust. Truth. Where do you stand?

The current political news landscape is dynamic, with changes and disruption now accelerating at an unprecedented pace. It is defined by increasingly insatiable appetites for political content in an environment that is unsettled and supercharged by allegations of “fake” news, partisan leanings, and “alternative facts.”

Understanding news brands’ affinity and trust has never been more complex or more important. We deliver

  • brand assessments
  • ad effectiveness studies
  • segmentation analysis
  • digital optimization
  • content development for all platforms and social media networks
  • snackable video tactics and strategy
  • trust index

Clients include: Politico | ABC | NBC | BBC America | NPR



Sports represents one of the final frontiers of appointment viewing.  Across all sports genres, it also inspires some of the most passionate and pervasive social media exchanges.

Sports teams, channels, fantasy networks, and programs look to us to develop their content and programs to propel their content and brand across all screens, platforms and social networks.

We deliver:

  • program tests and maintenance
  • talent assessments
  • digital optimization
  • brand and segmentation studies
  • ad assessment and effectiveness

Clients include: NFL | ESPN | Sports Illustrated | PGA Tour | NBA



Our publishing partners continue to set the benchmark for inspirational, insightful, prize winning and ground breaking content. While their roots may be in print, these partners rely on our research and consulting to identify new revenue streams and build audiences across all screens and social media networks.

They create exceptional content.  We decode the complexities of multiple screens, social networks, and expectations around video and user-generated content.  Our recommendations drive their success across all platforms.

Clients include: TIME | Los Angeles Times | Sports Illustrated | Hearst Magazines | Politico



Creation. Discovery. Distribution. Optimization. Conversion.

By screen and across social networks, we deliver the research and provide strategies to develop and distribute the most effective and compelling content (video, text, images).  We drive significant increases in downloads and subscriptions, time on site/apps and other engagement factors. We meet these objectives through research and a multi-layered “enrichment” process and a plan that we call “5x5” which focuses our partners’ teams on the content that has the greatest revenue potential.

Our services include:

  • best practices in storytelling
  • short form, long form, and snackable video
  • quantify brand perceptions
  • determine what content is most in alignment with your brand and audience expectations
  • differentiate content by screen and social media network
  • find ways to leverage all the screens throughout a user’s day to bring people to our platforms.
  • map all conversion points and possibilities to drive subscriber growth and use of other related platforms.
  • grow new digital and social revenue.
  • Provide a toolkit and playbook to create videos for digital and OTT

Clients include: ABC | Pop TV | COX Media | NFL



From The Voice and The Weather Channel, to late night comedy, sports, reality TV, promotions, and the newsroom, our on-air consultants continue to launch and support award-winning channels and programs that dominate their markets..

We combine comprehensive research (dial tests, focus groups, surveys, etc.) with over 30 years of industry expertise and work directly with producers to deliver concise recommendations that address everything from content, pacing, wardrobe, and talent, to engagement across platforms and the implications of simultaneous screen usage.

We reveal the “why” behind audience behaviors, and detail and implement changes that boost ratings and drive viewer acquisition.

Clients include:



We provide research and consulting for US firms building their brands and businesses overseas, as well as working directly with partners headquartered in in Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, and South America.

We deliver a broad range of qualitative and quantitative services including

  • focus groups
  • online and mobile surveys
  • segmentation analysis
  • brand tracking
  • digital optimization
  • cross selling and cross platform strategies
  • ad studies

Clients include: Google | Air Asia | BBC | Corus Entertainment | Univision | ThinkGeek | Yahoo



What’s next? What’s working? Where are the hearts, minds and dollars destined?

Our research and Moment-2-Moment methodologies identify the opportunities between existing technologies and unmet and evolving  consumer needs and expectations.  From self-driving vehicles and wearable tech, to the next generation of smartphones, we can tell you exactly where your consumers are headed. Our studies detail:

  • brand perceptions across all screens
  • ad effectiveness
  • expectations for features and functionality (fears, hopes and needs)
  • prospective audience segments and sizes
  • price points
  • trust index and timelines

Clients include: Google | Facebook | Qualcomm | Intel | T-Mobile



Financial consumers enjoy unprecedented access to products, services and information. They expect their brands, banks, brokers, and insurers to be everywhere they are, 24 x 7. We help our financial clients understand what this evolving digital reality means for their brands and how to reach the right consumer on the right device, at the right time of day.

We understand the complexities and regulations of the financial world. We have a long history dealing with sensitive customer data, and our analysts, data team, quality control personnel, and research staff have all completed and passed extensive background checks.

We offer the following services:

  • evaluate and build brand awareness
  • reveal the customer Path-2-Purchase (mortgage, small business, education, retirement, etc.)
  • product enhancement and evaluation including mobile strategies
  • customer satisfaction – real time and ongoing
  • digital optimization, social listening, and cross platform strategies 
  • segmentation analysis
  • price and feature optimization


Clients include: Capitol One | State Farm Insurance | Union Bank | CNN Money



Acquisition. Retention. Reputation.

The call for innovative education, both online and on site, continues to be a rallying cry  around the country and across the globe. Schools (K-12 ), colleges  and universities face increasing competition for the hearts, minds, and tuition checks of qualified students and academics.

We help our education partners evaluate  their brand awareness and perceptions, provide universe estimates and segmentation studies for enrollment, and recommend how to effectively communicate across screens, platforms (print, outdoor, online and on air) and social networks.

We provide

  • brand analysis
  • digital optimization
  • segmentation studies
  • student/parent satisfaction


Clients include: Waldorf Schools | Stanford University



The right words.  The right device.  The right person. The right time of day.

Businesses look to us to quantify brand awareness,  define audience segments, assess features and functionality, and deliver tactics and strategies to engage consumers across all screens and social networks.

From fine wines, smart TV’s, gaming consoles, and luxury hotels, to online auctions, smartphones, women’s fashion, and premium content, we provide our partners with comprehensive insights into the perceptions, behaviors, and motivations of their existing and perspective consumers.

Read more about our work in automotive , hospitality, and gaming

Clients include:Thompson Hotels | Mumm’s | Walt Disney Parks and Resorts | Expedia | eBay | T-Mobile.



From the Department of Defense to The Broadcasting Board of Governors, federal, state, and local agencies face the same branding, engagement, and communications issues as their commercial counterparts. But their processes are unique, and they require an added depth of experience to meet a host of specific requirements and considerations.

SmithGeiger has been awarded a GSA Schedule Contract and consistently and successfully meets and exceeds our government client’s needs and expectations.

Please click here to receive our capabilities overview. Our GSA awarded price list can be found at the GSA e-library.

GSA Schedule : GS-07F-0535Y

DUNS: 067784673

Clients include: CDC, DoD, FHI360



The automotive industry rides on the cusp of a tectonic shift as dramatic as the transition from horses to horse power.  Lyft and Uber have reimagined transportation as a service (TAAS), millennials have a greater propensity to share than own, and seemingly overnight, the possibility and practicality of driverless vehicles has evolved from “quirky and someday” to “real and now.”

With a seemingly ubiquitous well of automotive information ranging from highly focused and purchase-oriented publications/sites to automotive verticals featuring trends and insights, our partners rely on us to:

  • evaluate ad effectiveness (all platforms, all screens)
  • reveal evolving consumer needs and expectations

  • detail today’s  path-to-purchase in a reimagined digital landscape of unprecedented transparency

  • assess the competitive field (from manufacturers to ride sharing services)

  • interpret consumers’ impressions in ride sharing and autonomous vehicles

  • identify trends and trajectories in in-car technology (navigation, entertainment, communication, safety)

Clients include: Toyota | others under NDA



The experience for business and leisure travelers extends far beyond their immediate travel dates. We help our partners understand their consumer segments and build brand awareness from the moment a trip is conceived, to the days, weeks and months after the journey has ended.

We provide:

  • segmentation analysis
  • brand tracking
  • digital optimization
  • cross selling and cross platform strategies
  • ad studies

Clients include: Thompson Hotels | Walt Disney Parks and Resorts | Expedia | Air Asia



We drive engagement, subscriptions and revenues. Our expertise in the gaming universe supports four main areas:

  • product evolution – usability, features and functionality.
  • brand evaluation and audience segmentation
  • content development – understanding users’ needs and expectations to refine and develop leading edge games
  • digital optimization – drive sales, engagement and subscriptions across all screens and platforms.

Clients include: EA | NFL | PGA | Madden Football.



18 to 24 year olds log over 11 hours of screen time every day, a phenomenon driven by mobile and one that affects all businesses.

The digital landscape has become a universe of almost infinite options where viewers and consumers have unprecedented choice and control over what, when, and where they watch. Immediacy and participation have become the new norm as we view, buy, search, tweet, like, Snap, Instagram, comment, recommend, rave, rant, Yelp, and friend all from the palm of our hand.

Drawing from over 4000 studies, we know not just how and when people use mobile, but the why behind their actions. We report what our partners’ audience’s needs and expectations are across products, apps, programs, events, brands, and services. We decode that information and provide clear insights, tactics and strategies to drive revenue, brand awareness, and engagement for our partners.

Clients include: T-Mobile | COX Media | NBC