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Here are a few case studies. For more information please contact us.

On-Air Strategy: Our research and strategy has been instrumental in guiding the successful trajectories of many of the industry’s most celebrated daytime and late night talk show hosts.

Engagement Study for major network: Using a comprehensive online survey and follow-up digital ethnography (Virtual Tag Along) we detailed how viewers interacted with our client’s content (all day-parts) across all screens and social networks. Our reports detailed the depth and breadth of engagement, and provided critical leverage for this client’s ad sales team.

Internet TV: We completed a comprehensive research project for a large consortium of broadcasters to quantify audience interests and expectations around internet TV and its impact on their universe.


Mobile – For one of the world’s largest e-commerce sites, we conducted in-depth research and delivered recommendations that led to the complete redefinition of their mobile strategy. The redeployment generated profits at an unprecedented level.

Video - We identified key trends in web video usage, long-form adoption, and branded web entertainment for this premiere search and content site. Our recommendations lead to the creation of this client’s new entertainment-based strategy in video channels and channel development.

Online - We delivered a comprehensive analysis of existing and new content categories (verticals) for this international online portal. Our research and analysis clearly prioritized the most compelling verticals to drive reach, reputation, and revenues.

Radio – Through a detailed segmentation analysis, we determined the three key audience segments most critical to our client’s growth, provided the marketing tactics  and strategies for most effectively reaching specific segments.

User Generated Content – For this industry leading UGC site, we provided research into what motivates their contributors and what drives their audiences. Our ongoing social media consulting consistently helps them to amplify reach and revenue through a variety of social media strategies.

Usability - This international leader of financial information relied on our research and consulting to redesign their entire site. Our studies clearly identified priority content and content layout. The site re-launch led to dramatic increases in traffic, page views, “sharing,” and time spent on site.

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