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Super, Even Without the Super Bowl

The teams are ready. Patriots vs. Seahawks in an east vs. west coast contest. The Super Bowl has a gravitational field unequaled in TV. It pulls in people who usually do not watch local TV and even draws in those who have no interest in sports. You can choose to ignore the Super Bowl if it is not on your air, even take the night out of the book…or you can see if some of that massive audience can be brought to your station during this important sweeps period.


Since many people will have their TV on for many hours, a strong TV station will explore how can their team can get a share of that massive audience to leave the NBC station and come to their station. The audience may be exposed to NBC promos but still seek out their favorite TV newscast team if given a reason to.

Super Bowl Three-Screen Checklist - NBC Stations

NBC stations this year can realize the potential of the Super Bowl as a multiple day event that will take place on all screens. There are limits on the ways a station can use the logo of the NFL, Super Bowl and the teams but that doesn’t mean an aggressive NBC station can’t turn a game into a five day win for the station starting on the Thursday before the game begins. This three-screen checklist can remind us of the stories we can tell across multiple platforms with the goal of raising the station’s reputation for big story ownership, connecting with hard-to-reach men, giving a push to a station priority (using the biggest audience of the year), and the chance to bring people to our newscasts each day including the Monday after the big game.

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