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Hot Clips: December 2017

Our last set of Hot Clips for 2017 tackles the winter, with everything from snowy newscast starts to catchy all-platform promos...

Holiday OTT Promo (WXYZ, Detroit): as new devices get unwrapped for the holidays, here's a seasonal spot reminding users what to download

Don't Leave, Dad (Google): using emotion, and a snow storm, to elevate a key feature on this device

Thunder Truck (KXAS, Dallas): last month we featured the Weather Beast, but this spot takes the weather vehicle game to another level

Snow Drone (WBRC, Birmingham): deploying a drone in a newscast open to showcase a rare snow event in this market

Hot Clips: November 2017

Our November set of Hot Clips goes into 6-second-mode, finds a wild name for a weather vehicle, and brings out the best in some new sets...

BAM Storytelling (WINK, Fort Myers): a highly-coordinated, well-paced approach to storytelling using in-studio monitors and an active live shot

AM News Set Spot (WJAX, Jacksonville): non-stop steadycam action shows off this new set and energetically promotes the AM show

6-Second Spot (FOX): effective use of the much-talked-about 6-second ad placed in-content during the World Series

Weather Beast (KWGN, Denver): an insurgent name for a storm tracker vehicle, complete with a very visual 6am start

Hot Clips: October 2017

Our latest set of Hot Clips starts with the initial coverage of the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas, and includes some updated Hurricane Irma Images and POP spots...

Vegas Shooting ND Phoner (KTNV, Las Vegas): the ABC-affiliate News Director, also a former reporter, calls-in to set up the scene while heading to the station

Wall of Victims (WWBT, Richmond): using the giant video wall to remember the Vegas shooting victims during a 6am show open

Irma Neighbors (WPTV, West Palm): using their ongoing This Is Home campaign to showcase how their South Florida community came together during Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Hot Clips: September 2017

As our team monitored various news organizations covering the storms and subequent damage, we collected several clips to help feed your future planning when it comes to big story showcasing and storytelling...

Thanks Phil (WSVN, Miami): an Irma Proof-of-Performance thanking their met

Post Hurricane Live Drive (WFTX, Fort Myers): using a station vehicle for a live tour

Met Describes Roof Damage (WINK, Fort Myers): meteorologist explains the sounds, and risks

Going Off Script for Video (WINK, Fort Myers): anchor goes off script to describe hurricane video

Anchors and Radar Background (WINK, Fort Myers): anchors story-tell about live radar on set behind them

15 Things We Learned from Irma and Harvey

Our hearts and thoughts are with our friends and partners who work to recover and rebuild from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. And as our SmithGeiger team worked with stations in the path of these two massive storms, we gathered several takeaways that can help you plan for the next one...

1. TV is still very-much alive, especially when death and destruction might be on the horizon. Television still saw the majority of eyeballs during these events.

2. But the App and web were critical lifelines once power and evacuations became an issue. Stations saw huge bursts of App downloads prior to the storms, assuming they were properly and regularly teased in newscasts.

3. Where can I watch? It wasn't always 100% clear where we could watch the live stream, either on the web or App. Be sure this is super-obvious.

4. The Weather Channel is still a dominant source. This means we must always be conveying the power of our local brands and expertise.

5. Hurricanes are obviously still very hard to forecast. And it's easy for the local mets to get blamed for strength and track changes. This is why it's important to always be reminding the consumer that "we're giving you the first look at potential impact - the moment this changes, you'll be the first to know."

Solar Bits & Pieces

Prepare for Cell and Internet Outages
Some are predicting that cell service will be severely degraded during the eclipse due to overwhelming demand. In addition, Internet bandwidth will also be pegged as this eclipse is likely to result in the nation's largest social media event in history.

We recommend that stations install hard wired hot spots where they might want to go live from for extended periods that are password protected. And have your live trucks be prepared to be in place for a day (in case they can’t move or other issues) which means food and supplies including gas and sleeping bags.

App Helps Your Shoot the Eclipse
Below is a link to an app developed as a citizen science project created by UC Berkeley and Google that keeps your phone lenses from overheating while pointed at the sun, then automatically shoots timelapse images for the duration of the eclipse.

Hot Clips: July 2017

Our latest set of Hot Clips aims to add some mid-summer sizzle to your all-platform efforts, starting with a stinging double-take from Vegas...

Double-Bee Live Shot (KTNV, Las Vegas): a two-part live shot in the same newscast (first part - second part) with a 360-Cam tease in the tag

The Big 6 at 6 (WBRC, Birmingham): a segment to stimulate an early-evening B-block with energy, pace, and hard news

Promo Rewind (WBTV, Charlotte): this station goes in reverse to prove what it takes to get the story right

Hot Clips: Back to School Edition

Our ongoing collection of Back to School promotional and on-air clips...

AM PROMO (WXYZ, Detroit): creative animations and video tees-up the school year and morning team

POV SCHOOL PROMO (WRTV, Indianapolis): a unique, mobile point-of-view approach to a back to school promo

SCHOOL GRAPHICS (WSFA Montgomery): bring in the school bus and grade graphics, if you don't already use them regularly

Hot Clips: June 2017

Can you beleive it's June?  Apparently newscasters can't.  With that, Summer '17 kicks off with 5 creative clips from around the country...

My Phone Talks Back (KUSA, Denver): a live tease where the reporter and his phone get into a... conversation?

YouTube Tease (WPTV, West Palm): a little creative-editing goes a long way to make this in-show tease stand-out from the rest

Ear-Catching Open (WAFB, Baton Rouge): using well-woven sound and writing to grab the viewer's attention at the top of this newscast

Hot Clips: May 2017

We load-up our May Hot Clips with an urgent open, a drone, a dropped-mic, and one of the cleanest ways to promote your App...

On-Air App-Weather Tease (WTOL, Toledo): using the big board to specifically and organically tease the weather App

Drop the Mic & Donate (WPTV, West Palm): a chief meteorologist gets creative to get people to donate, and Like them on Facebook

Drone Flooding Coverage (WMC, Memphis): no better view of the recent floods than from a small but powerful eye in the sky