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March Madness: 16 Sweet Ideas

When we think March Madness, we almost instantly envision filling-out a bracket sheet (or maybe 3). But the NCAA tournement also provides good sampling opportunities for CBS and non-CBS stations alike. Here are 16 "Sweet" ideas to consider...

1. Stream: if you're a CBS station locked into covering a hoops game, and breaking news or weather strikes (but doesn't quite meet the threshold of cutting-in to the tourney), have a quick-turn plan in place to go live on the website and mobile device.

2. Push: use mobile push notifications to alert people to any streaming news or weather coverage you might be providing during games

3. Non-CBS Advantage: knowing your competition is "stuck" in a game, don't hesitate to go all-in on breaking or weather coverage

4. Men: yep, more of them will be flowing in and out of your CBS station sample during the tournement; don't over-produce for them, but certainly push pace, highly-visual stories, etc.

QUICK-TURN IDEAS - February 2015

Half-way through February, most people are obsessed with what to get their sweetheart. Nope, not us news folks. We're most interested in what those ratings look like, and what's coming-up on your planning calendar. Here are 13 potential quick-turn stories from around the country we hope your viewers will fall in love with...


The FDA is deciding whether to issue strong new warnings about potentially damaging side effects from a popular drug.

HOT CLIPS: February 2015

It's certainly a favorite part of any consulting meeting: watching newscast examples from other markets.  And so, we debut SmithGeiger's Hot Clips, a monthly list of examples collected by our team from around the country.  Enjoy...

The Live Desk (KNXV Phoenix). A tool used by stations around the country. We especially like how in-the-moment and process-oriented this delivery is.

Targeted Special Report Ideas

As we work to clear our heads (and inboxes) after the holiday fog (and eggnog), February is racing towards us faster than a Super Bowl kick-off return (and yes, that’s upon us, too). And so our team at SmithGeiger has a dozen story ideas teed-up to feed your special reports calendar in the coming weeks.

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