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Quick-Turn Story Ideas - June 2016

June offers a variety of timely story ideas to help your team this month. Our SmithGeiger team has 10 story ideas for you that are both topical and clickable. Each of these story ideas has the opportunity to engage your viewers on social media, as well.

Many of us are now using chip-enabled credit cards but many retail and dining establishments' chip card readers aren't yet certified. This could be a problem for consumers.

Teens are abusing these easily-bought seeds to replicate highs similar to LSD.

These shoes, which are popular with kids and adults alike, shouldn't be worn for extended periods of time because they don't secure the heel properly. This has been a popular story on social media.

6 Ways To Maximize Your Station's App Strategy

The value of a smart app strategy can’t be overlooked. When viewers download your station’s app, they are granting you access to their lives 24/7. You have the opportunity to engage with them at work, while they’re in the line at the grocery store and when they’re trying to figure out what to watch on television or what new website to visit. Access = opportunity.

So while users have granted you this prized access, how are you best taking advantage of it? Are you entertaining them? Informing them? Or just broadcasting to them?

Is Your Team Struggling On Social? Here Are 3 Simple Strategies For Posting Content On Social Media

The question of “What should I share on Facebook & Twitter” is a conversation reporters, anchors, producers and photographers in newsrooms across the country are having…right now. 

Yes, in 2016 we’re all still struggling with what to post on social media.

It’s understandable. Some anchors and reporters don’t want to reveal too much personal information online. While some, who are confined to newsrooms all day and aren’t in the field, feel they don’t have the opportunity to deliver a ton of topical, breaking news-type content. 

Plainly put: they get stuck. Consider it the social media version of writer’s block.

Your anchors and reporters can absolutely create compelling and engaging (emphasis on engaging) posts on social media. Here are effective ways to accomplish that. 

How To Use Facebook Live In Your Newsroom

We know that Facebook is an engagement leader and has become the first source of breaking news on social media. Facebook Live takes the social media network's capabilities to another level.

Facebook Live is a live streaming functionality which allows to users to share what’s going in their world. For news operations, it’s a powerful tool.

Facebook Live can help your content display higher in user’s news feeds. According to Facebook “Facebook Live videos are more likely to appear higher in News Feed when those videos are actually live, compared to after they are no longer live. People spend more than 3x more time watching a Facebook Live video on average compared to a video that’s no longer live."

Facebook Live also allows viewers to subscribe to broadcasts, enabling them to receive notifications of a broadcast. This puts your news team, literally, in viewers purses, back pockets and backpacks.

Some stations do a Facebook Live broadcast of their news program. While this is a great behind-the-scenes initiative from a viewer’s standpoint, it can be difficult for anchors to engage with viewers during breaks because they tend to be consumed with upcoming stories.

So to incorporate additional engagement opportunities into your digital media strategy, here are five Facebook Live broadcasts you launch almost immediately.

3 Types of Blog Posts Every Station Can Produce

For years, news directors across the country have told reporters and anchors “You need to blog for our website.”

And that’s it. Many times, there is little or no direction offering suggestions on what to blog and why it’s important

Remember: reporters always want to know the why.

The need to blog and create engaging content for digital properties is more essential than ever as viewers search for information. Our research supports this. Not only is Facebook the leading breaking news source, it also connects, informs and entertains us.

  • 44% of viewers have used social media to get more information about a story they first saw on TV
  • 52% have followed a link to a local news website from Facebook
  • 34% agree that seeing local news on Facebook makes them more likely to tune in to local news on TV

  • Viewers want digital content. We know they’re checking their mobile devices, with 43% of viewers checking their smartphones multiple times in the morning alone. Use this to your advantage to drive traffic to your social media accounts and websites.

    Why is that smart? Well-branded station blogs can create inventory for your digital sales team. It can enhance the credibility of your reporters, producers, anchors and photographers. It also humanizes them while strengthening your brand as the multi-platform news leader in your market.

    That’s a win on all fronts.

    On to the fun stuff. Let’s focus on what to blog. Here are three types of blog posts your team can produce for your digital properties.

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