HOT CLIPS: February 2015

It's certainly a favorite part of any consulting meeting: watching newscast examples from other markets.  And so, we debut SmithGeiger's Hot Clips, a monthly list of examples collected by our team from around the country.  Enjoy...

The Live Desk (KNXV Phoenix). A tool used by stations around the country. We especially like how in-the-moment and process-oriented this delivery is.

Facebook Traffic Hyper-Lapse (WVNS, West Virginia). Using hyper-lapse to quickly get a glance of snowy road conditions.

Facebook Double-Box (WFTS, Tampa). Using a double-box to tease Facebook within the flow of the newscast.

Advancing A Story (WTOC, Savannah). Overtly advancing a story from the 4pm into the 5pm with clear langauge and updated information.

Active Live Shot (WRC, Washington DC). Making a typical airport live shot much more interesting.

Everywhere Super Bowl Spot (WTVJ, Miami). Pushing the Everywhere brand during Super Bowl 49.

If you'd like to submit a Hot Clip, just send it to