Super Bowl Three-Screen Checklist - NBC Stations
NBC stations this year can realize the potential of the Super Bowl as a multiple day event that will take place on all screens. There are limits on the ways a station can use the logo of the NFL, Super Bowl and the teams but that doesn’t mean an aggressive NBC station can’t turn a game into a five day win for the station starting on the Thursday before the game begins. This three-screen checklist can remind us of the stories we can tell across multiple platforms with the goal of raising the station’s reputation for big story ownership, connecting with hard-to-reach men, giving a push to a station priority (using the biggest audience of the year), and the chance to bring people to our newscasts each day including the Monday after the big game.

• What big station initiative will you want to launch?
• What is new/key priority in 2015?
• What is your brand statement that deserves Super Bowl exposure?
• What will be the Super Bowl ad campaign for your station that addresses this key priority/brand statement?
• Will you create versions for use on all screens?

• Who will be your Super Bowl Czar?
• Will they be calling a meeting in early January?
• Will they be calling a meeting in late January to confirm efforts?
• Can they host a meeting/Super Bowl prep party the Friday before?

• Do you need extra crews that weekend for coverage?
• Do you need your best editor in to help edit efforts in and around the game?
• Is your “A team” in the building including top master control operator, director and news manager?
• Is your sports department working that weekend including your main sports anchor?
• Will your main anchor team be called in?
• Will anyone who is usually off on weekends need to tape any elements for Super Bowl weekend?
• Is your full regular AM team scheduled for the Monday after (with the hope to capture a Super Bowl bounce from the big numbers the day before)?

• What Super Bowl coverage fits your brand?
• What special report or exclusive can be offered that night or the next day?
• What countdown stories do you want to do?
• What preview video can you offer in social for your staff to share?
• Who will do your one live story about the advertising in the Super Bowl?
• What sports exclusive is planned for this weekend?
• Who is your Super Bowl beat reporter?
• Can they voice all Super Bowl related developments through the game?

Have you created Super Bowl related graphics for the game including:
(Remember all graphics should be created for the website, on air, and social)
• Countdown
• Pre-show starting
• Game starting
• Score updates
• Halftime update
• Halftime show review
• End of game
• Push to network programming
• Push to your special coverage

• Has your team rehearsed with weather alternative paths for severe weather coverage before, during and after the game?
• What is your plan for any crawls needed over air for public safety issues?
• Can you take over a D.2, live stream, offer constant updates on social media, etc.?

• What push notifications will you do?
• Game starting?
• Halftime?
• End of game?

• How can your social team be live that Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday with topical content?
• What stories are trending about the Super Bowl that you can create content around as the game approaches?
• Are you referencing this trending content in newscasts and the website, not just in social?
• What countdown do you want your staff to share?
• Are we giving the audience information about how to follow our sports anchors and let them know we will be live tweeting/posting during the game?
• Can you ask for UGC of people in team outfits, parties, food/recipes? (Chili, pizza, dips, tacos, chicken wings, potato skins, guacamole, nachos, pigs in a blanket are among the most searched for recipes).
• Who on your staff will track sports notables and local influencers for their social media comments?
• Who is creating the master list of the people from both teams and the network sports personalities that your team should be following?

• Do you want to create a special section of your website?
• What slide show can you offer?
• Do you want to create a recipe book online for the audience to consider?
• What archive content and sports content can you surface as part of your Super Bowl coverage effort?

• With the network pushing Blacklist, how can you leverage that to help grow the num bers of that show on your air before and after?
• How will Fallon be featured during the coverage and how can you leverage that on air and in social media?
• Who from the network do you want on your air doing custom promos or elements for inclusion in newscasts?

• How can you be present in the homes of all of your viewers besides on the TV screen?
• Can you offer up food (a special pizza offer) that can be on people’s coffee table?
• Can you offer up station branded foam fingers or other ways for the audience to interact with each other that show your brand in a positive light?

• Is there a contest like a TV giveaway that you want to do leading up to the Super Bowl?
• Do you want to give away trips, tickets to games, video games, team jerseys...
• Can you declare Friday Super Bowl Countdown Day and giveaway prizes on the spot around town?

• Is there any local college angle related to the Super Bowl?
• Can they provide football players/coaches to talk about what they will be watching during the game?
• Can we speak to how players from your local colleges contributed to this year’s big games/moments in the NFL?

Your SmithGeiger consultant can reference more ideas as the game approaches.  Please let us know how we can help you make the Super Bowl a Super week for your station.