HOT CLIPS: March 2015

We hope you enjoyed last month's debut of Hot Clips.  Let's keep the video rolling, with 5 updated examples for March...

Alert Center (WBTV Charlotte): similar to last month's Live Desk hot clip, here's a different market with different showcasing 

Morning POPical (KNXV Phoenix): an energetic way to market your AM newscast, using fresh highlights from that morning's show; a proof, image, and topical all in one

12-Pack Team Coverage (WRC Washington DC): showcasing a dozen reporters during a major snow event.

Station Snow Plow (FOX 25 Boston): literally helping viewers dig-out from all the recent snow, by deploying their very own snow plow

Traffic With Radar (WEWS Cleveland): using radar on top of the traffic maps to effectively show how one can impact the other

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