HOT CLIPS: April 2015

Here's your early-spring helping of Hot Clips from our team at SmithGeiger. This month, we offer you 5 examples from newsrooms around the country...

Air & Ground Attack (WCPO Cincinnati): using a chopper and mobile phone side-by-side to cover a carjacking, first on the scene from both angles

Humanized Live Desk (KNSD San Diego): adding emotion to a Live Desk toss and hit, adding a human touch to a typically urgency-based segment

Urgent 6:30am Open (WPTV West Palm Beach): blending urgency and impactful language to kick-off a 6:30a segment loaded with energy

First Weather & Sneak Tease (KMOV St. Louis): treating weather as Developing News, and then... was that a tease inside the A-Block?

Raindrop Weather Promo (WSB Atlanta): an image spot pushing hyper-local, pinpoint technology in the most localized way possible

Thank you for sending us your examples. If you'd like to submit a Hot Clip, just email  And if you missed them, check out our February and March Hot Clips.