Top 10: Back to School

Some of us may have dreaded going back to school after a summer of fun and flings.  But now all grown up and working in the media, we must learn to love it and own it (many parents already do!).  It's our first chance to reunite with consumers - especially those female viewers - who are getting back into routines, which is especially beneficial to the AM newscast.  As you work on a specific plan for your market, here's a top 10 list of ideas from our team at SmithGeiger...

  1. Calendar: build a master school schedule, post it, talk about it daily, and be sure everyone in the builing knows when each school district starts
  2. A-Team: be sure your mainline staff is not off during the 2-3 weeks when schools go back in session; showcase a full anchor and reporting team, especially in the AM 
  3. Weather: create school or district-specific graphics, like an hour-by-hour planner, to run on those key days and/or weeks; post those graphics to social media
  4. Storm Vehicle: consider sending your weather vehicle to a different school every day, with quick hits/bumps in newscasts
  5. Traffic: build an icon for each school and reference it on your traffic maps
  6. Social: post "welcome back" messages with badges or school logos on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest; create a hashtag; post school pictures of your AM anchors
  7. UGC: ask for pictures from parents or students showing their first day at school; especially fun with kindergarteners!
  8. Content: a good excuse to do some school-related, hard news stories (click here for a list)
  9. Messaging & Marketing: update your Facebook Cover Photo, Twitter profile, etc. with a Back to School feel; cut a specific image spot
  10. Sports: post high school sports schedules online, talk about key match-ups on-air (a great, local differentiator from typical sports segments/highlights)

This list can go on, and on.  Contact your SmithGeiger consultant with specific ideas or questions.  After all, we like homework assignments, too.