Back to School Story Ideas

As you plan your Back to School coverage, here's a quick list of some stories that can help build-out your newscasts or digital efforts...


  • Which schools are the safest and which have the greatest crime issues (a set of stats that each school district generates)
  • Which schools are the highest quality and which are struggling (a set of stats that each school district generates related to No Child Left Behind)
  • Which schools pay the most (based on average salaries of school teachers, superintendents and so on)
  • Which shots are needed (a back to school health review of what is needed for each district and new health concerns this year)
  • Best teacher (which teacher from each district has been given honors and what is his/her strategy for the new year)
  • How safe are kids going to be online
  • Your school’s superintendent speaks (posting an extended interview with the head of major school districts online with questions from parents)
  • Mother’s independence day (how moms get together to celebrate their children going back to school with parties and lunches)