HOT CLIPS: November 2015

What will get an increasingly distracted viewer to look-up at the big-screen?  Our latest round of Hot Clips provides 5 potential examples...

TEASING TWO-SCREENS (KSAZ, Phoenix): an in-studio tease using Facebook live

RIGHT NOW RE-BOOT (WESH, Orlando): using, bold urgent showcasing as a quick restart in the AM

VIRTUAL FLOODING (The Weather Channel): a new augmented reality example helping add perspective on flooding

BIG, BOLD TOPICAL (KNXV, Phoenix): using bold language, big energy, and various cuts of music to tease the 10pm newscast

WEATHER APP MENTION (KMGH Denver): injecting a very "clean" reference to the weather app without stopping-down or using a full-screen tease

Thank you for sending us your examples. If you'd like to submit a Hot Clip, just email

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