HOT CLIPS: January 2016

We kick off the New Year with a fresh set of multi-platform Hot Clips from around the country...

WILD WEATHER (KNXV, Phoenix): a Facebook video wrapping-in UGC, the station's weather promise, and a little bit of fun.

STORM POP (WCVB, Boston): keeping viewer-safety front and center in this winter weather POP.

SCHOOL CLOSING JOY (WVEC, Hampton): maybe not for parents, but for kids, School Closings bring on big smiles.

MOBILE SCHOOL CLOSINGS (WWBT, Richmond): focusing on mobile App alerting for school closings.

MOBILE QUICK INFO (Google): a Google ad that can certainly apply to a local news App for instant information.

WEATHER SHARING (WFAA, Dallas): recruiting user-generated content via this station's Let's Share messaging.

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