Winning Super Bowl 50 On All Screens
Winning Super Bowl 50 On All Screens

“We are putting the full weight of the company behind everything surrounding the game”  Les Moonves

With the Super Bowl returning to CBS, as Mr. Moonves indicated in the above quote, a full team effort is underway.  Starting Monday February 1st, CBS has announced it will have around the clock coverage of the Super Bowl on all CBS platforms from on air radio and TV to cable and digital.  

The Super Bowl can also be an important opportunity for CBS stations to grow their audiences during this same time period and beyond.  

There are three ambitions that a concrete three screen Super Bowl plan can help a station achieve:

Big Audiences
A CBS station leadership team can look to maximize the audience attention on all screens by not just seeing this as a single game but a countdown to it (starting today) and a significant three screen effort in the days around the Super Bowl.  The goal for this game can include a significant boost to the newscasts leading up to the event but particularly that night, the morning newscast the next morning, and growth in the newscasts and other screens in the days that follow.  

Tactical Opportunity:  Full “A team” staffing of the station on this weekend and into Monday morning including the engineering and news, promotional and digital leadership on site.  A station shouldn’t forget to have the transmitter attended by a senior engineer. 

Big Story Ownership
No matter what the local fans think of the teams in the game, the event itself is a major national news event that will be on a station’s air.  Having an aggressive approach to making this feel like it is the station presenting it with the help of CBS as opposed to CBS presenting it by itself can help prove a local station owns big stories.  It can also prove the local station’s sports anchors are big story anchors who can own a big national story with appropriate local angles. 

Tactical Opportunity:  Discover the local connections to the players, coaches, announcers, and even the medical staff working with the Super Bowl teams.   This local connection can give emotional energy to the game in markets where their team is not participating. 

Super Goal
A big national broadcast event like this with as diverse and large of an audience of local eyeballs gives a station an excellent opportunity to develop a theme, a “Super Goal” that can be addressed around and during the Super Bowl.  Having a cohesive plan for what the station leadership wants the audience to remember after the game can tie all of your screens together for the week.  This could be a special focus on a new personality, a new newscast, a new piece of technology, a new app or a renewed focus on your brand premise. 

Tactical Opportunity:  The promotional video that is created for use during the Super Bowl can be released on multiple platforms including a front page story on the station website, in social media (with social extensions by station talent), and on YouTube.   

CBS has identified that a super goal of their efforts will be the Colbert program.  This is the first time a late night talk show host has had this massive platform to address a national audience.  One would expect his sense of humor to be liberally used in and around the game, not just after the final score.   CBS has announced that it is putting all of their digital teams behind this broadcast including,, CNET, Chowhound and GameSpot, a testament to the company’s all in effort around this game. 

The countdown is underway.  No doubt each CBS station has elaborate plans underway that can be used by the sports team, news team, digital, social, sales and promotion to go big for Super Bowl 50.  As always, you can ask your SmithGeiger consultant for a range of ideas to support growing your audiences, demonstrating big story ownership and achieving your stations specific Super Goal.