Hot Clips: June 2016

This month's batch of Hot Clips helps highlight how we can use our tools, and a sense of transparency, in producing and promoting our newscasts...

CHOPPER ENROUTE (WTVF, Nashville): process storytelling using a chopper tail-camera, and overtly declaring it as the station's exclusive tool in the market

THIS IS WHY WE GO (CNN): covering the big story, from first phone call to the reporter live shot

CREATIVE STAND-UP (KMGH, Denver): a reporter stand-up thinking out of the box, while standing in it - literally

GMA'S BIG BOARD (ABC): debuting the Big Board on Good Morning America, featuring its team of "insiders"

HEARD IN THE NEWSROOM (KNXV, Phoenix): using Broadcastify, and a strong delivery, to help tell a story about an officer-involved accident

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