In the wake of Sunday's horrific mass shooting at an Orlando night club, our team at SmithGeiger has been working to gather various examples and ideas from around the country for your ongoing coverage... 


  • NEW: find a local security expert on how to potentially survive these types of attacks
  • People returning from Orlando (learned as leaving, leaving as a result) to your local market
  • Impact to Disney World travel and other Florida-based summer vacations, cruises
  • Victims and victims' family that are local in your market
  • What task forces exist in your market to help prevent/process these issues
  • What you can do to help (in or out of market)
  • Blood donation issues: gay men turned away?
  • Facebook Safety Checks: how this works (and does it?)
  • GoFundMe donations: watch for scams
  • Upcoming LGBT Pride events in your market: security changes
  • Any changes to local monitoring of people who may have a similar background as suspect 
  • Gun control in all variations of that debate
  • Shooter's gun has become weapon of choice
  • Potential impact on Presidential Election
  • Where have police boosted their presence locally: ballparks, large venues, etc.
  • Exactly how prepared is your law enforcement for an attack of this scale
  • Other potential venues for ISIS attacks


  • Your late news and AM newscast must feel full of new information: remember, consumption already occurs on the digital platforms throughout the night
  • Be sure your A-team is in and anchoring
  • Research shows the appetite for mobile notifications grows during breaking news; consider additional push alerts for new information, press conferences and other coverage elements
  • App should carry every news conference - update your top stores frequently throughout the day/night
  • Consider alerting users/viewers about expanded network coverage or specials (GMA, Today Show, 20/20, Nightline, etc.)
  • Facebook Live: do them throughout the day/night, using them to set-up live coverage or press conferences that you carry on your App/air; remind people to "Subscribe" so it always surfaces to the top of user feeds
  • A live blog helps people gravitate to your website
  • Designate investigative folks to help with the latest angles coming-out over the next few days
  • Devote a reporter (more more) in newscasts to finding and showing the latest photos, video, and posts from key public figures
  • Use FaceTime and Skype as key interview tools with family members or other people linked to this tragedy




Please check back on this page - as we will be adding new ideas and examples as we see them.


The SmithGeiger Team