Hot Clips: July 2016

This month's Hot Clips showcase breaking, weather, and an investigation...

URGENCY + EMOTION (World News Tonight): the start of WNT in the wake of the Orlando nightclub shootings, offering a balance of new information and emotion

ID FRAUD STAND-UP (WXIA, Atlanta): a super-creative stand-up promoting an upcoming story on identity fraud

PRECISIONCAST (KRCR, Redding): how low can you go when it comes to zooming-in during your weathercast?

DAYPART FLY-AROUND (KTNV, Las Vegas): using weather-system scenery and a fly-around to showcase the day-part forecast 

BREAKING POP (WBRC, Birmingham): integrating newscast clips, behind the scenes shots, and digital imagery in this Breaking News proof-of-performance spot

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