Hot Clips: August 2016

This month's batch of Hot Clips is dedicated to the science of standing-out, both from a storytelling and showcasing point of view...

INVESTIGATIVE TABLE TURNING (KNXV, Phoenix): this reporter gives one organization a taste of its own medicine, infused with creative editing

SHAKE THE BLUR OFF (WCAU, Philadelphia): interacting with some simple effects inside of a stand-up

FB LIVE IMAGE SPOT (WRTV, Indianapolis): call it a "Social POP," with this station back-selling its Facebook Live benefits

DON'T MESS WITH THESE GIRLS (WALB, Albany, GA): a defensive twist on the typical back-to-school selection of story ideas

POKEMON STAND-UP (KNXV, Phoenix): here's what happens when the world's hottest trend ends-up in a stand-up

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