Hot Clips: October 2016

Our October batch (or patch?) of Hot Clips comes with a strong sense of urgency and impact, including an anchor who is downright tired of budget stories...

I Haven't Seen What Happens (KNXV, Phoenix): the Live Desk anchor teases video that he hasn't even seen yet

It Makes My Face Numb (KUSA, Denver): an anchor begins a budget-related story by explaining how it makes him feel

Live Shot Kick-Started (WDBJ, Roanoke): it's late at night and there's a dark background, so how do you make this live shot at least memorable?

Working For You... Late (WRTV, Indianapolis): infusing a Working For You statement within the late news drivers

ATSC 3.0 101 ( still confused about what ATSC is and does?  This video might be worth 3 minutes.

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