Story Ideas For Sweeps

With November approaching, here are 12 story ideas you can produce in your market that also offer outstanding opportunities to engage your viewers on social media. 

________ While Black - this is an opportunity to examine race relations in your market. Driving While Black would be a great TSR for stations.  What does it look like in your market?  Are there statistics you can gather that make it more of an investigative story than just a reaction piece? You could also do companion stories like Shopping While Black, etc. These stories are highly sharable. 

Affordable Home Security - think that reliable home security must cost a fortune? Think again. 

Bike Theft Blues - while more cities are touting themselves as "bike-friendly", this is also leading to an increase in bike thefts. This story features actionable strategies that can be implemented (and shared on social media) in any market. 

Bounce House Hell  - there are a number of fall festivals popping up that feature bounce houses. Just how safe are these? 

Closing the Government Pay Gap - learn how one town narrowed the gap. How does your local government stack up? 

Crimes at Walmart Have Become a Full-Time Beat for Some Cops - local police can offer data that would speak to the issue in any market. A look at the worst Walmart for crime in a community could be as simple as a crew staking out a location for a weekend.

Financial Compatibility for Couples - it's probably one of the most important conversations you're avoiding. If you're thinking about committing to a partner, you need to talk finances, no matter what your income is. This is a great 360-degree piece that can offer not just a television product but also presents the opportunity for discussion on Facebook Live as well as a robust blog post and additional social media dialog.

Tips to Resore Your Financial Health - simple strategies to help your viewers get the most bang out of their bucks. Literally.

Leaning In and Losing - women who have tried to "lean in" gotten fierce pushback. Do you know a "lean in" success story? What about the story of a women who leaned in and lost everything? 

Can Facebook Displace Etsy & Ebay? - Facebook has introduced Marketplace, where users can discover, buy and sell items. The social media giant wants to own the orignal products and resale business. Look for business owners setting up shop in this virtual space. This is another story that is highly sharable.

Personal Safety Apps: More Harm Than Good - can an app really save your life? This investigation asks the question just how effective those safety apps really are.

It Happened to Kim Kardashian. Could It Happen to You? - Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery sheds light on the dangers of sharing too much information on social media. Could what you post on social media put you in danger? Thieves could learn details about items you own, as well as your whereabouts. 

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