10 Quick-Turn Story Ideas For November

All of a sudden it's November. With the holidays approaching and a Presidential election, it's helpful to have some quick-turn stories to help you power through this month and beyond. 

Voter Selfies - is it illegal in your state to take a selfie in the voting booth? Did you know that in Texas you can't even take a photo within 100 feet of a polling station? Let your viewers know what they can and cannot do on Election Day. 

Election Stress - from your friends posting their political opinions on Facebook to watching the debates, is 'election stress' really a thing? Apparently so. 

How To Teach Students About The Election - whether its teaching students about fact-checking or understanding the importance of a healthy debate, the election offers a historic opportunity to teach students about the U.S. electoral process. 

Holiday Airport Safety - with holiday travel season right around the corner, just how safe is your airport? 

Holiday Travel Myths That Cost You Money - with most of us are looking to save some cash when traveling during the holidays, some of the money-saving "facts" we have believed over the years are really myths. 

What To Buy In November - with Black Friday and Cyber Monday a few weeks, here are some bargains to consider purchasing this month. 

What Not To Buy On Black Friday - not all Black Friday purchases are deals. Here are some items to avoid buying on November 25th. 

The Election Effect On Black Friday  - could election fatigue affect Black Friday shopping? 

The Hottest Holiday Gifts Of 2016 - VR, home automation systems and Pokemon Go will be flying off the shelves while years after they 'let it go', Elsa and Anna are still big. 

How To Use Tech To Save Money This Holiday Season - smart apps to help you save money during the holidays. 

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