Inauguration Coverage 2017 - Content and Concept Ideas

Here are some content and presentation concepts for your inauguration coverage to consider.

1. What is the official government delegation from your state that will be in attendance?  Which elected officials are Trump supporters and will get the best seats?
2. Who are the influencers from your region that are going: the religious leaders, the bloggers, the local radio station or print reporters who might be part of your coverage?
3. Who are the “forgotten” people who are going; we can imagine busloads of people in red hats leaving from all points of the country to be in DC for this historic event
4. Other local or regional organizations and groups that will be going…
      a. Church groups
      b. Schools
      c. Civic organization (Which may include veteran’s groups, abortion opponents, gun rights, and others who are enthusiastic about a Trump presidency)
      d. Republican party supporters
      e. Protesters (who will likely be put into special areas to protest)
      f. Security teams (your local police/FBI office/Fire/National Guard etc. may be deployed to the DC area
5. Which businesses from your region are going to be involved; business people might be going but also they might be providing t-shirts or providing food/gifts to the people at the inauguration

This event will be a rich one for social media coverage.  Identifying the official accounts and the accounts of some of the people and organizations above in advance will help your team understand who is going, what they will be doing, when and where they will be leaving and arriving. 

This event will be everywhere so it is up to your team to decide what will be your live streaming approach to this day.  You may want to consider exclusive content that only your team will stream in addition to the feeds from your network or partners.  Finding local connections (above) can help shape some of your live streaming coverage. 

This will be a day that requires agility and constant updating of the latest.  It is not too soon to review the lessons from your live blog of the election and how you can use those insights to improve your plan for live blogging the election.  This live blog can constantly point to your various live streams and can be sponsored as part of the package. 

Your team will want to do outreach to those who are going to follow their account for the above efforts but the same outreach can also encourage people and groups who are going to share their social media with you.  You may want to start to share some of their pictures/video and social in some of your post election coverage to build up a relationship with those influencers who might be going to the inauguration from your area. 

If you look at what your team might do in coverage on air and on line, the team of reporters that you can draw on and the contributors you might have, you can point to how your newsroom has the best team coverage of this event that half of the voters in the country are excited about. 

We recommend you set up a google alert for stories and posts that mention “Trump” “Inauguration” and your city or state so that you can stay on top of this event that will be of intense interest to many.