Super Bowl 2017 Coverate Strategies for FOX Affiliates

For Fox stations, the Super Bowl is a rare opportunity to create an a multiple day, multi-platform event.  Instead of thinking of the game as a several hours of programming from Fox on their air, leading Fox stations take the opportunity to create an experience that demands viewers watch and participate in the days leading up to and during the game an event that feels very much like the station is presenting the Super Bowl.

Super Reach
Think of the game as a chance to have a Super Reach of your station on all platforms over the course of a week.  Having the digital and social team join the conversation now can make sure that they have an hour by hour and minute by minute schedule for the game on all platforms.  We can grow your ratings but also your reach on social media and the reach of your website and apps if they are fully integrated into the experience we are offering the viewers.

Super Engagement
We should never assume that people will watch the game.  If the season so far has demonstrated one concern, it is that even live NFL games increasingly have to compete against other media on other platforms.  To have full engagement with the broadcast and tune in by even the most casual fan, we need to speak to three phases of engagement that we would like to create:

  • Anticipation:  Content on all screens that builds up interest in the teams, the players, the coaches and the cities involved in the big game.
  • Participation:  Content that is built in advance but is flexible enough to be posted as the national anthem is sung, as the fly over occurs,  game begins, during key plays, big scores, half time, trending topics, and the game ending.
  • Congratulation:  Content that is ready to go for the winning team, coach, MVP and others who had success during this game.  Your station can be part of the happy feelings of those whose favorite team won the game.

Below gives a review of the three phases that we think can be ratings and money making success stories.

1. Super Talent
This isn’t just a super opportunity for the teams, it is a super growth opportunity for your sports talent.  It is important to meet with them now to discuss how they will own this game on all screens even if they are not going to the game.  We will want to showcase their knowledge of both teams and their commitment to breaking news about the game to the viewers on broadcasts as well as social and digital.  They have to be ready to be fully part of the second screen experience during the game.  Doing this live social will make sure they are part of the conversation the audience is having and will help build their social media credentials and followings.

2. Super Monday
That’s the name we give to the extra effort your morning team must make the morning after a Super Bowl.   As a Fox station, you have the entire morning to be special and showcase what makes your team so special.  SmithGeiger believes that of all the priorities you can have promotionally inside of the Super Bowl, one of the most important ones should be around your morning team.  That means that the morning news that Monday should be your best of the year (outside of breaking news and severe weather coverage).  Now is the time to make sure that your morning team is all present, that you have extra reporters and cameras scheduled, that you have a morning audience focused special report, an exclusive interview of note and one exciting “new” thing to show the viewers.   That could be a new set element, new piece of technology, reporter or other new investment that will matter to the viewers for months to come.

3. Partnerships
Covering the Super Bowl involves many possible partnerships.  A Super Bowl coordinator at your station can make sure that our internal partnerships between news, marketing, research, sales and digital are all working at the highest level but also coordinate the outside partnerships needed for full success in editorial and sales.

These partnerships can include:

• Sister Stations (who can provide detailed information about the teams)
• Newspapers (and their sports columnists and TV writers)
• Radio (particularly any that do sports talk or carry games)
• Sports Bloggers (don’t forget those that write about local college sports)
• Local Universities (who may have a former student playing or coaching)
• Restaurants and Bars (who can be a source of live engagement with fans)
• Local Grocery Stores (with a range of Super Bowl related food specials)
• Electronic and Furniture Stores (who may have Super Bowl TV offers)

Each of these possible partners can offer more than just content and story ideas, they can often become partners in sharing social links and participating in your live social media conversations.

Don’t forget the network has many ideas to share.  You can follow their work on social and by regularly checking this website. 

We hope that these ideas create success stories for your station that go far beyond the Super Bowl Sunday, creating ratings success for months afterwards.