10 Quick Turn Story Ideas for February

Between winter weather for some, Oscars and Grammys for others, here are some TSR ideas to help you through February or into May…many of which have strong shareable digital components and could make for strong utility Facebook Live events.

How Safe is Your Taxi or Uber? - Beyond the driver know what you’re getting into when you rent a ride. From airbags to seatbelts and door safety WPVI reveals there’s more to be on alert for and make you think twice.
Uncertified smoke detectors - Is your fire alarm really safe? WAFB investigates just how safe you really are. Tips to make your viewers safer. 

Radon dangers - How pervasive is this danger that has been around for decades? It’s one in 6 homes in New Jersey. 

Sextortion - Online extortion is becoming one of the biggest dangers to kids online. Delve into the two main ways this is happening and concrete tips to make your kids safer. 

SCAMMING MILLENIALS AND SENIORS #2 - So you think it’s the older folks most gullible to being scammed. Find out with your own security expert like KWCH did. Generation vs. generation - but are the results what you think?  

Shots or not? - Who’s sitting next to your child and hasn’t gotten their vaccines? Be on alert for parents by getting your state data and breaking it out county by county. Good shareable information and maybe a real social media goldmine.

Cost of a Bullet - Put some real context to balance out your daily run and gun crime stories. WINK News tallies up the cost to all of us complete with associated digital info graphics to tell this story.

9 Toxic foods for dogs - This KYTV quick turn idea goes beyond chocolate and has high impact and good takeaway information that can also be helpful as a shareable social media element and a Facebook Live associated with it.  The sidebars from your comment stream can extend this storytelling days later. 

Popular flea medicine blamed for pet deaths - So you think you’re helping your dog with that flea killer? An emotional look at a medicine that could be dangerous for your dog as WSB found out in its investigation. Again, good for valuable tips that are shareable and provides for story sidebars with the comments you would get on Facebook LIVE associated with this airing.