Hot Clips: March 2017

Our March collection of Hot Clips is full of spots, a hot start to an AM show, and something we've never seen before from a station vehicle dashcam...

Jay Saves Lives (WAFB, Baton Rouge): a proof-of-performance spot showcasing a chief met focused on saving lives, not dressing the part

Kids Acting in Promo (WTVF, Nashville): with a building-boom causing a "Turf War" in Nashville, this spot stands-out thanks to two tiny actors

FB Live Sweeps Promo (WALB, Albany): a new example of a station using Facebook Live for a poll, as part of a targeted special report

Morning Start (WPTV, West Palm Beach): a big, energetic morning start offering a mix of new, urgent, and interesting content

Storm Tracker Surprise (WSIL, Harrisburg): an unfortunate moment caught by a dashcam during this "live drive" hit (no pun intended)

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