Hot Clips: April 2017

April comes with some new weather ideas, a traffic hit that comes and goes, and two digital posts built to take ownership of two viral stories...

First Alert Weather (WWBT, Richmond): cleanly embedding a First Alert Weather Day into the 7-Day forecast, with a bonus digital mention off the top too

The Weather Meter (KWCH, Witchita): watch the needle spin as it tracks upcoming weather events

United Fiasco FB Video (SBS World News, Australia): did you produce a social media version of this mega-viral video? Here's how one international news source treated it.

No Traffic, Make It Quick (WBRC, Birmingham): who says you need to do a long traffic report when nothing is happening? Show that it's clear, and move on!

What About These Giraffes? (WBZ, Boston): a native Facebook video poking fun at all of the attention April the giraffe has received, while others go unnoticed

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