Turning Your Smartphone Into a Super Snackable Machine

The value of video, particularly short social mobile friendly videos that many call “snackables”, becomes clear as your team works across all platforms each day.

To help your team create these videos which are often consumed by smartphone users, you don’t have to look beyond the smartphone itself.  As someone at the BBC described it, journalists need to go from their pocket where we keep our phones, to the pockets of today’s news consumers.

Today your smartphone is not just a high definition camera but also a video production tool and social media content creation platform.  It also allows you to rethink how you cover stories, as lightweight gear that we always have with us, your team can be more nimble and less invasive in covering stories.

For these reasons leading news organizations are using smartphones to shoot, edit and share stories that connect them with their audiences around the world.  From the BBC to ABC (from down under), journalists are beyond experimenting with mobile journalism, they are regularly producing stories using their smartphones that are intended for their audiences watching on smartphones.

If your team is interested in doing more with smartphones to capture and produce content for the multi-platform we now serve, your team can begin by experimenting with still images.  While the native camera apps that come with the phone are powerful tools, popular apps like Pro HDR, Camera+ and ProCamera can enhance the quality of the images.  Using these apps can generate images not only vital for many social media posts and website stories, a series of compelling pictures can often be combined to create short videos.

For editing of still images or video on the smart phone, your team can consider the popular iMovie app or look at the burgeoning number of mobile centric editing apps such as Magisto, Splice, Cameo, Videoshop, FiLMiC Pro, and many others.   

If you have a short video, you may want to add captions to the video to make it easier for your audience to watch and understand even if they can’t hear the audio your video might have.   Apps like Vont, Gravie, and Overvideo can help enhance visual appeal of your stories with a range of fonts and captions that can be added to the stories you tell.

As the saying goes, the best camera is always the one you have with you.  With these apps, you can turn your smartphones that you and your staff carry, into production tools that can accelerate creation of and improve the quality of the videos we need for digital and social platforms that connect us with so many of today’s mobile news consumers.