10 Story Ideas for May and the Summer

As you ramp up your story ideas for your May calendar, here is a selection of high impact stories to help.  Some of these can be a quick turn idea for May and others can be considered for your summer planning.

1 - More pets are making their way onto airline flights…are they legit?  Emotional support from ducks and pigs?  Are they crowding out human passengers?  WINK TV outlines how to investigate this growing trend

2 - It’s the season for outdoor birthday parties for kids across the whole country. Would you allow your kids to play in those popular bounce houses - the ones that can easily blow over or even fly out of the yard?  A safety and security alert for your viewers in this Today Show report.

3 - Botox is not just a facial fix for middle aged Americans - millennials are in love with the 15 year old lifestyle drug. 

4 - We’re on the brink of the worst year ever for Lyme disease. How do you guard against the dangerous ticks?  Keep your family safe this summer.

5 - Walmart or Amazon? The big box giant is under attack from the digital giant. Who wins this war for your wallet?

6 - How safe is your family from contaminated soil or for that matter contaminated water?  This Peabody nominated series of stories from WTHR unearths what happens when environmental rules aren’t enforced and how much at risk you really can be.

7 - Just how safe are you really inside your home? KGW gives you the cold hard facts after interviewing dozens of burglars who dish out the secrets – and you could be safer because of it. 

8 - Guns and kids are a deadly mix that can ruin families. But it’s not just teens who get their hands on guns - some are toddlers.  So, who’s at fault when child’s play leads to the loss of life - child or parent? WSB investigates the trail of trouble.   

9 - When you do the crime you should do the time and pay back your victim - sounds reasonable, right?  Not so.  As WAFB found out more than 70% of Louisiana’s criminals don’t follow through with their victims and the system is so overloaded that the outcome is simply a Failure to Pay.

10 - When you buy a house you don’t expect to have your foundation crumbling beneath you just 10-20 years later. But, WVIT’s DuPont winning investigation dug into this widespread problem of Crumbling Foundations and what you need to do to avoid the same fate…especially since insurance doesn’t cover the costly repair.