Hot Clips: May 2017

We load-up our May Hot Clips with an urgent open, a drone, a dropped-mic, and one of the cleanest ways to promote your App...

On-Air App-Weather Tease (WTOL, Toledo): using the big board to specifically and organically tease the weather App

Drop the Mic & Donate (WPTV, West Palm): a chief meteorologist gets creative to get people to donate, and Like them on Facebook

Drone Flooding Coverage (WMC, Memphis): no better view of the recent floods than from a small but powerful eye in the sky

Big Story Open (WCVB, Boston): weaving a full team together in this headline open, with specific and urgent angles for coverage of a big event

Get Me Around This Cash (WBRC, Birmingham): a well-produced traffic hit using live pictures, multiple cameras, and a clear alternate route

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