Quick Turn Story Ideas - May 2017

Our team has gathered a hot list of stories from around the country to stimulate your content calendar.

CUTTING EDGE- Do you really need to spend big bucks to have the best knives? The pro chef and the everyday chef approach from KARE TV can help sharpen your viewers’ opinions on what can best help them in the kitchen. 

GREATEST GROCER- Making ends meet surfaces as a key content driver in many markets. Keep it simple and tee take a page out of Consumer Reports treatment to help your audience save a buck. We think there is great engagement possibility for Facebook Live before or after airing your story.

DANGER DRUG- Beyond the opioid epidemic the newest drug that’s hard to pronounce but will kill you by simply touching skin.  

STOP OR NOT- Is yours one of the many states in this huge data dump from Stanford examining who police stop and who they don’t? 

KIDS and CARS- It’s never been easier to keep tabs on kids behind the wheel. Some stations have installed these devices on vehicles in their fleet to keep tabs on speeding, hard breaking etc. Should you get Zubie or one of the many new alternatives? A safety and security story that takes you under the hood like never before. 

SAVE A BUCK- CNBC breaks out simple ways to keep your spending in check. Consider airing some ideas with a listicle your audience can share and open up a Facebook Live for additional ideas for your follow-up report. 

SPIES IN YOUR HOME- While Amazon Echo and Google Home are all the rage could they also be used to tattle on you? WINK TV examines the dangers in your data beingin the cloud. 

SHAMPOO FROM WHO?- You’ve probably never wondered about that store bought shampoo. But the WFTS I-Team gives you reason to wait before you wash. 

THE DANGER IN DRIPPING- The latest thing to worry about with teens beyond the experimenting with drugs and sex- and it’s over the counter. KSDK cautions that where there’s smoke there’s dripping. 

PORN AND THE PREDATORS- With the explosion of child porn what are the warning signs to keep our kids safe. WDIV provides safety warnings to keep kids’ mobile devices from becoming a hunting ground for predators.