Hot Clips: June 2017

Can you beleive it's June?  Apparently newscasters can't.  With that, Summer '17 kicks off with 5 creative clips from around the country...

My Phone Talks Back (KUSA, Denver): a live tease where the reporter and his phone get into a... conversation?

YouTube Tease (WPTV, West Palm): a little creative-editing goes a long way to make this in-show tease stand-out from the rest

Ear-Catching Open (WAFB, Baton Rouge): using well-woven sound and writing to grab the viewer's attention at the top of this newscast

Future Traffic (KMBC, Kansas City): futurecast weather can now predict the traffic story as well

Thanks Dad (WWBT, Richmond): an example from a Mother's Day campaign, something fathers might deserve as well

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