Solar Bits & Pieces

Prepare for Cell and Internet Outages
Some are predicting that cell service will be severely degraded during the eclipse due to overwhelming demand. In addition, Internet bandwidth will also be pegged as this eclipse is likely to result in the nation's largest social media event in history.

We recommend that stations install hard wired hot spots where they might want to go live from for extended periods that are password protected.  And have your live trucks be prepared to be in place for a day (in case they can’t move or other issues) which means food and supplies including gas and sleeping bags.

App Helps Your Shoot the Eclipse
Below is a link to an app developed as a citizen science project created by UC Berkeley and Google that keeps your phone lenses from overheating while pointed at the sun, then automatically shoots timelapse images for the duration of the eclipse. 

Interactive Eclipse Map
What the Eclipse will look like in your zip code…

Live Ads During the Solar Eclipse

Fake Eclipse Glasses Flooding the Market

Timelapse Video of Florida during the Solar Eclipse