Eclipse On-Air & Online

The Eclipse is almost here. Even if your station is far from the path of totality, this scientific event will be a significant story on air and online as well as an exciting social media opportunity.

Some teams are doing countdowns on the front page and weather sections of their websites. This is something that can be sponsored (if nothing else, it could be sponsored by your station’s app which we could position as an essential app…that we’ll have special push notifications that day and breaking news advisories as needed). Your team could plan how this countdown can occur on air (sponsored clock) and on social media. Planning a set of countdown tweets to when it will be at the peak nearest to your market can help your team demonstrate their awareness of this event.

One question your website might answer is a common one…when is this event occurring across the country. You might think about keywords to make sure your site answers versions of the question “what time is the eclipse”.

Some leading stations are being thoughtful about safety stories related to this event.      

Your team can set up Google Alerts for “eclipse” and “safety” stories for your weather team or consumer team to explore. 

Your team will will want to answer some of these questions (from Google search) in your stories on air and online.

Your team can search stores and online for some of the more interesting merchandise that is being offered on line. This low quality website was a top Google result because of the topic and range of keywords. 

Many businesses are looking to profit from this event and your market might have a business that hopes to capture eclipse dollars. 

Your team may want to ask governments around the region for the cost/benefit of this event happening. Many cities are apparently setting up eclipse budgets. If your station is close enough to the path, you could ask the states and cities for such and what is the final tally. 

Your team should tag stories on line with information about how your station will have the most complete coverage on line and that on the day of, you will have special coverage from your team (station staff, sister stations, network).   

Your team could encourage people to follow your station on social media to get the very latest…the day of the eclipse your team will want to have a separate social media plan so that you can grow your following by being part of the national conversation.   

If your station has created a user generated plan, you can emphasize the station’s interest in people sharing pictures and videos with your team during this event that is sure to generate millions of images and videos.   

It is not too soon to plan your station’s eclipse proof of performance. It can feature your team’s local coverage excellence, your staff’s eclipse expertise, your multiplatform approach, and how your team captured the drama across the country. 

For additional ideas, talk to your SmithGeiger consultant.