Hurricane Hot Clips: September 2017

As our team monitored various news organizations covering the storms and subequent damage, we collected several clips to help feed your future planning when it comes to big story showcasing and storytelling...

Thanks Phil (WSVN, Miami): an Irma Proof-of-Performance thanking their met

Post Hurricane Live Drive (WFTX, Fort Myers): using a station vehicle for a live tour

Met Describes Roof Damage (WINK, Fort Myers): meteorologist explains the sounds, and risks

Going Off Script for Video (WINK, Fort Myers): anchor goes off script to describe hurricane video

Anchors and Radar Background (WINK, Fort Myers): anchors story-tell about live radar on set behind them

Facebook UGC Sell (WBBH, Fort Myers): meteorologist describes UGC sent in to Facebook page

Reporters Help (WBBH, Fort Myers): reporter helps elderly during hurricane flooding

Met Stands on Irma (WJBK, Detroit): using a green-floor to stand on top of the storm for this Facebook post

Reporter Rescues POP (WJAX, Jacksonville): proofing that "it's the right thing to do" when covering a story

Stuck in a Hotel Digital Video (WCSC, Charleston): publishing a digital update during an Irma power outage

Irma Flooding Digital Video (WTOC, Savannah): a digital update showing the real-time flooding in Savannah

Hurricane Website Takeover (WFTS, Tampa): converting into your "war look" for the hurricane coverage, complete with video right at the top

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