Top 10 TSRs

1. Do you really need that filling? Are Veneers really the answer? Empower your viewers with what to know and what to ask before they just accept what the dentist tells them.

2. It’s raining needles! Another facet to the opioid epidemic can take you to the landfills and dumps and the environmentalists. This will showcase the needles and the damage done. 

3. Is Marijuana legalization the pot of gold or the pot of mold? A look at what happens to home prices and the hidden mold from growin’ your own. If your state is thinking of legalizing here’s a different take on the pro/con debate.

4. As you tackle the pluses and minuses of ACA, here’s a look at how nonprofit hospitals are raking in the profits but not putting it back into the community. Examine how the communities around your hospitals are faring and are they worse off since ACA? 

5. Following a horrific local case in which a teen meets a man through an app and was kidnapped and assaulted, one station poses as a teen on KIK app to witness how predators work and warns parents of dangers.

6. With Thanksgiving food purchases and holiday gifts taxing everyone’s wallets, do the ultimate service for your consumers: price testing. Costco vs Whole Foods vs Amazon - what’s a shopper to do?

7. It never matters until it matters. Do those defibrillators hanging on business and government walls even work? How do you even find one when it matters? Can you find a victim whose life was saved? What are the requirements in government buildings and are they following the rules and regulation?  

8. Bye-bye Botox and hello PRP injections. The Fountain of Youth meets your very own blood to keep you younger looking. How safe is it? How does it compare to Botox? Who is doing it? Does your insurance cover it?

9. The Silent Epidemic killing men in America. It goes hidden for years - even decades. How do you prevent it or make sure you know well ahead of any symptoms?

10. More than half of teens talk on the phone while driving. Teens who reported using their smartphone while driving were much more likely to report being involved in a crash while driving. Stop the Texts. Stop the Wrecks.  Maybe this little device can make it stop.