Hot Clips: November 2017

Our November set of Hot Clips goes into 6-second-mode, finds a wild name for a weather vehicle, and brings out the best in some new sets...

BAM Storytelling (WINK, Fort Myers): a highly-coordinated, well-paced approach to storytelling using in-studio monitors and an active live shot

AM News Set Spot (WJAX, Jacksonville): non-stop steadycam action shows off this new set and energetically promotes the AM show

6-Second Spot (FOX): effective use of the much-talked-about 6-second ad placed in-content during the World Series

Weather Beast (KWGN, Denver): an insurgent name for a storm tracker vehicle, complete with a very visual 6am start

Unwrap the App (WSFA, Montgomery): an oldie but goodie, and just in time for your holiday promo planning  

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