Top 10 TSRs - January 2018

1.  Shattered Ovens - A consumer alert for all the folks with Kenmore ovens. Growing complaints over many years but still no recalls for this popular oven and the exploding glass doors.  
2. PRP Facials - Rather than putting poisonous botox in your face look younger using your own blood.  Find out from dermatologists how this growing trend is doing vs. botox.   
3. Bullying Laws - Is your school on the up and up when it comes to reporting what is really going on with bullying? It can make a difference in efforts to keep your kids safe.  
4. Dentist rip-offs - Do you really need those X-rays, special toothpaste or bite plates? Health costs are high enough without having unnecessary procedures to pay for. Empower your audience to be smarter before they open their mouths. 
5. The Daily Special - What’s really in that soup? What’s really going on in that kitchen? Surface user generated feedback to get to the bottom of what to avoid before ordering the Daily Special.    
6. Textalyzer - This life or death issue takes a new twist with the development of technology that can immediately find out if you’ve been texting when pulled over. Will this help stop the problem that is killing thousands?
7. Flooded Cars - How do you avoid buying a Hurricane Harvey or Hurricane Irma lemon. How to spot the cars that are flooding the market so you don’t get duped. 
8. New Drug Worry - Issue a “johnny alert” as warnings go up about the latest drug crisis. The 3,000% increase in abuse reports on gabapentin deserve local attention.  
9. Better than Bypass - As Americans wage the battle of the bulge, how about a new pill that could replace the gastric bypass?   
10. Acid Reflux Remedy - Forget the meds could this be the non- prescription way to help the nearly 1 in 5 Americans suffering from this common ailment? Does it work? Let’s talk to physicians and patients and crowdsource other ideas.