Hot Clips: January 2018

The New Year brings a half-dozen new Hot Clips from around the country, including a trio of weather examples...

School Closings Hot Spots  (WTOL, Toledo): pinpointing specific weather issues around certain schools, with a nice digital reference

No-Hype Weather (WJLA, Washington DC): emphasizing weather accuracy and tone vs. sensation

Chapstick Needed (KGTV, San Diego): using consumer-focused language to help you plan your day

AM Facebook Promo (WUSA, Washington DC): a casual, off-set social media spot showcasing a new morning show

Concise Tease (World News Tonight): who says a tease needs video, or length?

Tape Delay (KDVR, Denver): for non-East Coast markets, a FOX-affiliate overtly explaining their 7am advantage

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