Infographics: Quick-Turn Audience-Friendly Content

Infographics are one of the more under-utilized forms of digital content for Local TV stations.  

Here are four reasons why you should consider utilizing Infographics as part of your daily digital content offering:

1.  Easy to Understand: Research shows our digital audience is often “on the go” or in need of quick digestible content. When you visualize data news consumers can more easily understand/engage with the content.
2. Repurposing Content: Infographics can be made quickly from information or data journalists have already gathered. Timelines help news consumers remember the history/impact of the story.
3. Break up the Sameness: Pictures and video are great for you digital content but Infographics can be eye-catching because it breaks up the sameness of the layout.
4. Shareable: When the audience connects with the content, Infographics can be very shareable. Comparisons and Lists can be favorites with news consumers. With Facebook’s recent changes, local news publishers need to find as many ways as possible to create “shareable content”. 

There are many different ways you can create infographics, utilizing everything from your in-house art department to free online infographic tools (see below).

An over-looked tool in creating infographics is your weather computer. Many times a simple “inset graphic box” can take what was designed to be an on-air weather graphic and turn it into an online infographic:

To start making more infographics on a daily basis, begin your editorial meetings by asking the question: “Is there a way we can visualize the information of this story with an infographic?”.  You will be surprised at how often the answer is yes.  

Once you create the infographic you have another opportunity for digital integration inside your TV newscasts. Show the infographic in a monitor and encourage the audience to see it in detail on your app or website.

Here are some other examples of infographics that might spur the creativity of your team to create more infographics: