10 Quick-Turn Targeted Special Reports for May & Beyond!

1. DEBT DONATION: KIRO’s Jesse Jones partners with RIP and spends $12K to buy up $1 million in medical debt. That money helps hundreds of state residents lower their medical debt.  Since the mid-February airing the station claims it has rallied the community to help relieve $5 million in medical debt. Please read the original story and follow-up storyas the recipients started to come forward give you a taste of this advocacy consumer journalism

2. POPPIN' FOR PAIN: you pop three pills for intense post-workout soreness, two for a pre-coffee headache, a small handful for period cramps, and suddenly you’re swinging by the pharmacy for a new bottle of Advil. Plenty of people pop non-opioid analgesics — aka everyday pain meds — without a second thought. But are you doing your body more harm than good?

3. RX RELIEF: What’s the best hope to cut skyrocketing drug sticker shock? This opinion piece challenges the Democratic plan to put price controls on drugs. It presents the Dem and GOP plans to those who suffer most and puts a victim panel together with ideas on how to get relief for those who suffer most

4. POOCHES ON PATROL: Getting a home security system is one thing but if you want to add to your safety – how about a pooch? And if so, what kind of pooch is best? KGW tries a test of man’s best friend

5. SAVE OUR SIDEWALKS: The correlations between safe communities and sidewalks and the correlations between exercise and walking provide a strong foundation for this TSR. Do an audit of city sidewalks with advocates and tee up some Facebook LIVE crowdsourcing to figure out how to improve neighborhoods with a strong impact story on making sidewalks walkable

6. TURN OFF TUNE IN: Ok, admit it. You spend too much time on your mobile. Between the nagging from your kids or your spouse, isn’t it about time you got help? Dig up some data on mobile caused traffic accidents and dig up data on accidents from walking while looking at your mobile. That and a talk with kids on how much time their parents spend on mobile might lead to a solution like Yondr

7. KINKS or KINKY?: Nothing like a great masseuse to make those kinks go away. But when kinks turn to kinky the massage profession comes under scrutiny. Study the Polaris Project results in helping your audience learn how to spot the legitimate from the illegal parlors peddling sex

8. PROWLING or PARENTING?: Where does responsible parenting begin and end? When it comes with what or who’s lurking on their mobile screens?  Learn from other parents’ mistakes and successes and consider teeing up a Facebook LIVE to capture other ideas to extend the life of this effort

9. INTERNET SAFETY: Have your police set up a safety zone to exchange cash and products bought online? See how it works or surface this idea as a way to stay safe from predators

10. DRUG PIPELINE:  WKRN devotes their CrimeTracker brand towards taking an in-depth look at where Tennessee’s illegal drugs are coming from - in all of their shows. It’s a Safety and Security play to snag the attention of the whole audience - especially female switchables. Here are two examples of Tennessee's drug pipline and Middle Tennessee's drug pipline