Hot Clips: May 2018

Our May Hot Clips focus on showcasing, everything from your App to headlines, a sense of new, traffic, and even that big video wall...

Big Board Beauty (GMA): making use of every inch of the video wall to showcase and set-up two big stories

In-Show App Sell (WTOL, Toledo): instead of ending the AM newscast, they toss to their App by selling specific content on it

See Through the Fog (KABC Los Angeles): using the latest and greatest chopper technology to show traffic through the clouds

Selling All-New in a Tease (KGTV, San Diego): yes it's 6:20a, but no, we're not out of news yet

Film Strip Headlines (WMBF, Myrtle Beach): a different way to showcase your menu of stories off the top of a newscast

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