Top 5 TSRs - May 2018

1. #RIPMedicalDebt -  By now you have likely seen the initial KIRO February effort to pay off medical debt of many in Washington. Various stations across the country are jumping into the effort including other Cox stations, NBC owned stations and others. Reporter Todd Ulrich and WFTV, working in concert with, make hundreds of lives better in a state where medical debt is a big issue.  

And Cox’s Jacksonville station jumped into the effort also, but with a different twist- helping relieve the medical debt of more than a thousand military vets. Here’s an example of their @RIPvetdebt  and what they offered their viewers on Facebook. 

2. MICROCHEATING - Social media and dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have certainly made it easier to explore new interpersonal relationships. And it has also spawned its share of new problems with existing relationships. Some are now calling that gray area between a full on healthy relationship and separation/divorce “microcheating”. What are the signs? Should you be worried? Just how widespread is it? Empower your audience with how to discover it and how to set relationship boundaries. 

3. BATHROOM BACTERIA  - OK, let’s face it by now you’re already taking all kinds of precautions when it comes to keeping as clean as possible when you have to use a public bathroom. From hand sanitizer to using paper towels to opening the bathroom door handles. These days so many bathrooms have hand dryers – maybe to save on paper towel costs. But, new evidence shows that they could be a breeding ground for more unwanted bacteria as they “aerosolize” the bad stuff and increase the “ew factor”.

4. LEMON LOOK-OUT - As we approach hurricane season it’s not just Florida and Texas still dealing with the surge of problems caused by Harvey and Irma. Wherever you live you’ll want to alert your audience to avoid thousands of dollars of hurricane heartache- right in their driveway.  Help your viewers like WEWS in Cleveland did when they simplified the warning signs so they don’t get stuck with a Texas-size lemon.   

5. MATTRESS MATTERS - We spend a third of our lives sleeping so where we lay our heads and body is not only very personal it also has to have the right fit and feel for you and your loved ones.  Beyond the fit and feel and even beyond the bedbugs WFTS takes an investigative look at why knowing where your mattress came from really matters.