10 TSRs - June 2018

It’s already time to gear up for Back to School. And after some of the recent highly publicized shootings the issue of safety is top of mind both in much of the research results we are seeing and of course in the minds of parents and students. To help you get underway many of this month’s TSRs focus on how safe your kids are in school, on the field and just hanging with their friends.       

1. BULLETPROOF BACKPACKS -  These days some backpacks actually claim “we’ve got your back.” WINK TV tests two different backpacks and three types of guns - you be the judge if the price is worth the piece of mind. 

2. READY FOR THE WORST - Does your state insist on active shooter drills? Many don’t. WSB wonders why Georgia doesn’t. Does yours? If so, what can your child expect…if not, why not?

3. TEEN THREATS - As your kids walk the halls how much safer are they today than before Parkland? What have your schools done to up the security? WNBC examines why the increase in teen threats and what is being done to keep your kids safe.   

4. TRENCH COAT BAN - One common theme in some of the shootings even since Columbine: trench coats used to conceal weapons. A check by KHOU found that about half the schools have banned trench coats as part of the dress code. Dig into your school districts - are they doing the same?  

5. IS MY SON SAFE? - The growing concerns over concussions on the football field and just how safe those helmets really are raises the basic question: should my son be playing at all? This latest study raises more red flags about whether any child should be playing at all before their teenage years. 

6. BEST HIGH SCHOOLS -  Even with school not in session you can get ahold of state department of education stats. Some even provide rankings on public schools. This invaluable guide can be great utility and provide many many follow-up stories, Facebook Lives and a much trafficked digital destination. 

7. VAPING: FACT or FICTION -  OK, so we know any kind of smoking isn’t safe for your kids - not pot, not cigarettes and not vaping. And while vaping makes for catchy headlines, is it really an epidemic? Go undercover, get beyond the hype and put the stats into some perspective for worried parents as school starts up again and answer the question, “Is everyone really doing it?”     

8. BROKEN STREETS, BROKEN SYSTEM? - This investigative look-see by WEWS looks at the politics behind fixing city streets. With the big dollars around infrastructure fixes, consider taking a look at which officials are going to which conventions and how much they’re spending to get the latest best practices in fixing roads, bridges or local waterways.

9. BAD FOR BUSINESS? - Just where do you stand when it comes to attracting business? Get beyond the numbers and do some comparisons on your community vs. similar communities like WAVY does in its series on this.   

10. CELL SECURITY -  The very same technology that tracks prisoners can also be used to track your cell phone. This new red flag about your privacy paints a very grey area about just how safe you are from someone snooping on you.