10 TSRs - July 2018

1. How Safe is my Son? -  As kids get geared up to re-start school and sports programs there are an increasing amount of red flags concerning concussions and football helmets. Riddell, one of the largest helmet manufacturers in America, can’t even find a buyer because of the concussion issue. So, why allow your child to play at all? How safe are those helmets? Provide your audience with an audit of all the major school districts and what kind of helmets they are using. The attached list itemizes the three best football helmets aimed at reducing concussions so you can see if your school districts and peewee leagues are keeping safety as the primary focus.

2. The Eyes Have It - Before summer ends give the parents in your audience a few simple things to think about to keep their kids safe at the pool, on the field or just having fun. This one is a quick way to put together a July story with strong impact. 

3. How Stark is your Park? -  Ever wonder why your neighborhood park just isn’t like it was when you were growing up? The ball diamond is hardly playable, the tennis courts are full of cracks, the drainage always causes flooding, the retaining walls don’t retain – and the list goes on. In many communities decades of budget cuts and construction delays have led to a growing crisis in America’s parks. Get the ball rolling in your market with a user generated campaign where your audience sends in its thoughts, pictures and videos on which parks need the most attention. Find out how long it’s been since your parks have had a major upgrade - 25, 50, 75 years?

4. Robo Revenge - Sick and tired of those robo calls? Many times these are beyond annoying - they are scams waiting to happen. But, now there are apps for that Robo Killer, NoMoRobo and Mr. Number.  Do they work - have several of your most influential audience social media contributors give them a try. Could make for some interesting feedback in a Facebook Live too as others provide other remedies, alert you to scams or are already using a third party app and want to weigh in. Leave your audience empowered with these five ways to try to block robo calls. 

5. Greatest Grocery - Sometimes it’s price, or location, selection or good ole fashion customer service that has you shop for groceries where you do. Market Force did a national survey of 13 thousand shoppers to come up with America’s best grocer - but what about where you live? This again provides a strong platform for your community to help decide. Work with your digital team in coming up with a survey and leverage our crowdsourcing to come up with the best grocery/best place to buy food if you also include farmer’s markets.

6. The Key to Home Safety -  How safe is your home if there’s an app that can easily copy your keys? KeyMe was intended to help when you forget your keys but is it really just an easy way for thieves to copy your keys? It might make you think twice before you valet. Test it out with some of the folks in your audience to provide a thumbs up or down on this new app.  

7.  Making Ends Meet – If your most recent research points to the need for more stories on helping empower your audience to make ends meet find out what it costs to rent a 2 BR/2BA and what do you have to make to afford it. Some are warning of a crisis in the making as wages stagnate and wages don’t keep up. The data exists in this HUD calculation. Put some faces to this and again consider crowdsourcing to make this even more robust and complete. 

8. Suicide Safeguard -  After a series of suicides (the top cause of death with 10-17 in some states) and with a serious problem of gun related suicides at some high schools KSL decided they could help by making guns less accessible. The link makes it easy to order the free gunlocks and they partnered with some stories and their radio partner in the effort . An interesting concept that doesn’t say get rid of your guns, but instead, secure your guns to avoid tragedy. This concept could also apply if there are a rash of homicides caused by children using guns from their home. 

9. Does Co-Pay Pay? -  Is your pharmacist giving you all the info you need to pay the lowest price? Sometimes the price of your drug is less than the co-pay. Equip your audience with a list of those drugs where it may not make sense to use the drug co-pay in order to pay the lowest price. 

10. Fighting for Coverage - While many stations have jumped on the medical debt story this year WTHR took a different tack and produced a series of reports like this one highlighting the efforts some have gone through to fight insurance companies when there are billing mistakes. They included some simple tips on how to get action on billing mistakes.