5 TSRs - August 2018

BRIDGE TO DISASTER - KSDK investigates the crumbling infrastructure that puts millions in jeopardy in a state near the bottom of the list when it comes to bridges. Where does your state or states stand? The bridge investigation is a data driven effort so here is a different take on how to tackle the story here from the University of Missouri’s Reynolds Journalism Institute.

PUPPY MILLS - Is your state one of those on the “Horrible Hundred” list? What should you look for if you’re looking for a dog? This is a highly shareable type of story that could also enhance your social media efforts as your community weighs in on what they see and hear. 

DIGITAL HEROIN - Maybe there’s just a fine line between being hooked on opioids and being hooked on your digital devices. Gaming is exploding, so are esports so what are the clinical signs of screen addiction? Help your audience get out ahead of it so their kids don’t follow in their addicted footsteps.  

ALONE OR DRONED? - By now many have seen drones belonging to others and didn’t even know they were there until they spotted them. How close do they have to get to your house to see through your home when you think you’re in a private setting? What are the laws- have they caught up? Find the local victims and story tell like Jeff Rossen does in this NBC investigation.   

NO MUSIC IN BARS - BMI is cracking down on bars and willing to take them to court to get money for playing music in bars. Check with the Fairness in Music Licensing Coalition battling BMI and find out which of your bars could be tune-barred rather than fighting BMI. What’s the future of live music in bars?