Top 3 ‘New Biz’ Mistakes to Avoid

Editor’s Note:

This article is written by Nicole Bergen the Founder and Chief Researcher of Elevate Marketing. Elevate is a sister company of SmithGeiger. Elevate is a market research company focused on evaluating advertising effectiveness and increasing marketing ROI. Elevate works directly with Local TV Stations and some of the top brands in North America.

First, new business is a game of quality over quantity. When we ask our account executives for their list of “current prospects” we are often surprised to see them bring an alphabetized list of over 50 accounts.  How can a person make progress on anything if they are calling on 50 accounts!?  Instead, focus on 6-8 quality prospects at a time and put them in order of strength. Set individual goals for each account and put outlook reminders in your calendar to accomplish certain tasks like…

1.    Cold call client
2.    Send client email
3.    Send client an article
4.    Send client research
5.    Send client a case study “sneak peek”

Which leads us to our next mistake to avoid… Be willing to drop a prospect after 30 days. If you haven’t made contact with a client after 5-6 approaches be willing to move on. And we get it, it’s hard to drop a prospect you feel is a really good fit right!?  BUT, why keep hitting your head against a wall? If you want to close more new business this is very important… Be willing to fire a prospect. You just might not be the right fit for the client OR the timing just might not be right, right now. Drop the prospect and MOVE ON to the next.

Finally, when approaching new business don’t “bury the lead.” When we ask our account executives for their cold calling scripts we are surprised to see how many of them lead with station benefits instead of client benefits. Here is an example…

Hi this is Susan calling from XXXX (station). I wanted to let you know we have a really cool high school sports sponsorship I think you might really like. Did you know we are the #1 sports leader in the market?

Instead, lead with a client benefit, like this….

Hi this is Susan calling form XXXX (station). I noticed on your website you are very involved with local schools in the area and think I have a way to help you advance that strategy with our high school sports offering.   

In closing, new business is tough. To be successful, narrow your prospect list, be willing to fire a prospect you haven’t made progress with and finally be careful to avoid leading with station benefits over client benefits.  A recent advertiser told us he gets at least 100 media calls a month.  If you want to stand out, lead with client benefits over station benefits, we promise it will help you get the meeting you want!

Our Elevate revenue generation research service can help your sales team more effectively prospect and retain long lasting new business clients and generate $1-$2 million dollars in 5-6 weeks.  Elevate works exclusively with one station per market and has excellent references.  

Please contact your SmithGeiger consultant to find out if your market is available.  In the meantime visit Elevate’s website to learn more at